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  Qianhai to set up law ascertainment center
  SUStech, QU enhance cooperation
  APPLE announces to open R&D center in Shenzhen
  Invest Shenzhen Holds an Investment Cooperation Meeting in Warsaw, Poland
  China (Shenzhen)/Russia (Moscow) Investment Cooperation Meeting in Moscow
  Invest Shenzhen Successfully Holds Multiple Activities at the 2016 Shenzhen International BT Leadership Summit
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Shenzhen is a major gateway for communication between China and the rest of the world, and is the perfect location to explore your international business potential.






Innovation is Great
Nature is Great
Vitality is Great
Economy is Great
Service is Great
Transportation is Great
Key Sectors


These key sectors such as new energy industry, new material industry and culture & creative industry, etc. are the significant feature of Shenzhen's economy.  
High-Tech Industry
Financial Industry
Modern Logistics Industry
New Energy Industry
Internet Industry
Culture and Creative Industries
New Materials Industry
New Generation Information Technology industry
Life Science and Health Care Industry
Marine Industry
Aerospace Industry
Robotics industry
Wearable device industry
Smart equipment/device industry
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