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About Invest Shenzhen
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About Invest Shenzhen


  Invest Shenzhen is the organization assigned by the municipal government with the task of attracting investment. Invest Shenzhen¨s tasks are to promote and consolidate Shenzhen¨s investment environment and business advantages, and the agency is committed to bringing in investment projects and teams of talented professionals that match the city¨s positioning and industry policies. Invest Shenzhen is also dedicated to providing premium and professional government services for investors and aiding both domestic and overseas enterprises¨ growth in Shenzhen!Invest Shenzhen is the ^first stop ̄ for investors coming to Shenzhen.

  Our services :

  1. Providing information on the investment environment and industry-supporting policies;

  2. Assisting investors in coming to Shenzhen to begin their field investigations/fact gathering, aiding investment negotiations, and other activities;

  3. Introducing suitable domestic or overseas partners for investments and promoting project cooperation between enterprises;

  4.Whole process follow-up services for major investment projects, and providing professional consulting, preferential application and corporate site selection services;

  5. Providing high-quality services, and much else, to aid the successful growth of outside investors¨ undertakings in Shenzhen.



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