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  My dear friends, I’m honored to introduce to you Shenzhen, this beautiful city I so deeply love.

  Shenzhen is a city of miracles. Shenzhen’s citizens used their own sweat and wisdom to turn a small fishing town with only 30,000-40,000 residents into a modern internationalized metropolis with a beautiful natural setting, complete infrastructure and facilities, and a population in excess of ten million in just a little more than thirty years’ time.

  Shenzhen is a city of innovation. This is a city that provides fertile grounds for expanding careers and realizing dreams. Shenzhen has fostered numerous famous and internationally competitive multinational enterprises, including Huawei, ZTE, Tencent, Ping An Insurance, China Merchants Bank, BYD, BGI, DJI, and Kuang-Chi. Shenzhen is the first city to be named as a National Innovation Demonstration Zone, and as a rising international center of innovation, Shenzhen has accumulated an impressive number of high-tech and talented professionals.

  Shenzhen is a vibrant city. Its youth, enthusiasm, inclusiveness, and diversity help make it the city most beloved amongst China’s younger generations. Here, you can come in contact with almost all of China’s local cultures, all in the most internationalized of business environments. Those who come to Shenzhen are masters of the city, because “once you’ve come, you’re a Shenzhener”.

  Shenzhen is a green city. The city lies between the mountains and the sea, and has a comfortable, warm and moist climate. With 230 kilometers of coastline, 890 parks, and green space that covers 45% of the urban area, this is one of China’s most beautiful cities.

  More than anything else, Shenzhen is a city of opportunity. This is one of China’s most economically active cities. Shenzhen is in the midst of energetically developing its bay area’s economy as it works to become an important hub for China’s maritime silk road, and the city also aims to become a globally important center for innovation in science and technology, as well as a center for financial services, advanced manufacturing, commerce/trade logistics, and fashion innovation. Shenzhen is both adjacent to Hong Kong, and located in China’s largest consumer market—the Pearl River Delta city cluster. In Shenzhen, you can not only move in lockstep with the world, but also make worldwide connections.

  Shenzhen is also known by another beautiful name--Roc City (Rocs are enormous birds from Chinese and Persian mythology). I trust that we’ll be able to spread our wings and fly towards cooperative development and joint future success together.

                                                                        Director General of Invest Shenzhen


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