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Interpretation of Invest Shenzhen's Logo



  The Investment Shenzhen logo draws inspiration from a round stamp and the floral emblem of Shenzhen -- the bougainvillea.

  Overall Design Interpretation

  The stamp symbolizes government institutions, the round shape reminds people of the earth and the blue color represents the sea and internationalization. The bougainvillea indicates the city of Shenzhen, and the orange color represents wealth and wellbeing. The combination of the two elements means that as a special government institution, the roots of Invest Shenzhen are local, but hugs the globe to create a bright future for the city’s investment promotion.

  Detailed Design Interpretation

  In the logo, the bougainvillea grows out of the stamp, which symbolizes the innovative spirit of Invest Shenzhen.

  The white stalk and the gaps between the petals form the shape of the letters "I" and "S" in different perspectives and are the initials of "Invest Shenzhen". The shape stretching from the middle of the flower to the petals looks like the letter "V", representing victory and best wishes for a win-win future.


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