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  General Information

  Shenzhen, with a long history, where diverse cultures co-exist, including the Hakka, Cantonese, industrial, immigrant and marine cultures. http://www.baoan.gov.cn/

  With a relatively developed road network, Bao'an has built a number of large trunk roads, including the Airport-He'ao Expressway, National Highway 107, Meilin-Guanlan Expressway, Longhua-Dalingshan Expressway, and the Nanshan-Guangming Expressway. In addition, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is also in the district offering convenient transportation.

  Industry Overview

  Bao'an is a major district for exports and industries, growing five pillar industries – electronic information, new equipment manufacturing, modern logistics, recycling economy and the culture industry. There are four bases: the high-tech and advanced manufacturing base, producer services base, open economy base, and the eco-tourism base.

  Electronic information is the largest pillar industry of the district, with a number of large manufacturing enterprises. A high-tech enterprise cluster has taken shape as represented by Foxconn, MSI Computer, Great Wall Computer, and Fuji Xerox.

  The share of the advanced manufacturing industry in respect to automobiles, specialized equipment and optical-electro-mechanical integration has continuously risen; while there has been a clustering effect of traditional cutting-edge sectors such as clothing, printing, toys, molds, plastics, and hardware.

  Bao'an has fostered a slew of cutting-edge products with relatively strong international competitiveness, such as semiconductors, integrated circuits, electronic components, printers, duplicators, music centers, leather shoes, and telephones. Moreover, the district has been actively developing strategic emerging industries such as new energy, internet and biopharmaceuticals.

  For the logistics industry, Bao'an has basically built a land-sea-air three-mode transportation network centered on the airport, connected with ports and stations and ring roads. As a transport hub connecting the city cluster in the Pearl River Delta, it has a favorable geographic location for developing the logistics industry.

  The local financial industry has grown steadily, with industry scale continuously expanding. With rising economic strength and a constantly improving investment and development environment, financial institutions of all types have optimized their financial services and functions, and are optimistic about this "land of treasure".

  Bao'an is currently home to the Bao'an Technology Innovation Park, Shenzhen Aviation Industrial Park, Xixiang Internet Industrial Park, and the Bao'an Taohuayuan High-Tech Innovation Park. There are also a number of major enterprises including: Fuding Precision Components (Shenzhen), Bao'an Branch of YFHEX Logistics, Shenzhen Haiyue Software, and Emerson Electric (Shenzhen).

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