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  General Information

  The establishment of this district is aimed to effectively protect the ecological environment of Dapeng Peninsula, properly develop and utilize local valuable travel resources in a pro-ecology and orderly manner, build it into an international eco-friendly coastal area that integrates the functions of a global tourist resort, strategic emerging industry cluster, core area of a national demo city for the scientific development of marine economy, a key conservation area for ecological and biological resources, and explore new ways for ecological protection and the harmonious development of high-end industries.

  In terms of transportation, after the Shenyan Second Passage was opened to traffic, the distance between the district and the city significantly shortened. Every district in the city within a range of 60 kilometers can be reached, and is favorably within the "30-minute economic circle" of the city.

  Industry Overview

  Dapeng New District focuses on the health services industry, new energy industry, information services industry, tourism culture industry, marine industry, and other emerging strategic industries and future industries.

  The health services industry has the advantages of the advanced technologies of BGI and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and is centered on health services and the R&D and design of health products and food. The district is vigorously developing physical therapy, health care and maintenance, sports and recreation, plus R&D for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment design, further development of nutritional supplements and health food, and health monitoring and evaluation.

  For new energy, the district aims to build a LNG cold energy supply chain service platform by introducing enterprises that research and develop LNG cold energy utilization technologies, and seek technological breakthroughs in this field.

  In the information service sector, by attracting a number of renowned internet enterprises to move in, the district is devoted to developing the internet services industry including: e-commerce, mobile internet and the Internet of things, plus building an internet incubation base.

  To promote tourism, the district has invited famous enterprises to set up internationally branded hotel chains, culture industry clusters, leisure and agriculture bases, and waterfront resorts. The focus is on developing tourist products, cruises and yachting industry, and other marine eco-friendly industries. Emphasis is also placed on developing a tourism industry centering on coastal tourism and integrating history and culture tours, agricultural sightseeing and experience tours, plus rural and industrial tourism.

  For the marine industry, by making full use of the superior marine resources of Mirs Bay, Daya Bay, and the area from Tung Chung to Sai Chung, the district emphasizes the development of the marine sports, recreational fishery, emerging marine industries and marine service industries.

  At present, the Dapeng New District has established industry clusters comprising the life science industrial park, marine bio-industrial park, Baoziyuan Technology Park, and Dapeng Eco-Creative Agricultural Park, which provides premium platforms to further develop high and new technologies and future industries.

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