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  General Information

  The municipal committee of the CPC, the municipal government, the city center and the central business district (CBD) are all located in Futian.

  Two major ports in the district connect with Hong Kong – Huanggang Port and Futian Port. Huanggang Port is the biggest land port in Asia, open for customs clearance all day long, and only a 30-minute ride away from the Shenzhen Airport. It takes only 27 minutes to reach Central in Hong Kong from the center of Futian taking the metro line 4 train. The overall transportation condition is convenient and favorable.

  Industry Overview

  Futian is the economic center of Shenzhen, with the company headquarters economy and the modern services industry the most developed.

  The headquarters economy value added was 105.579 billion RMB in the Futian district, accounting for 39.1% of the local GDP.

  In terms of modern services industry, the financial industry in the district has developed on a massive scale and Futian is the center for the development of the financial sector in Shenzhen. In 2013, the value added by the financial industry in the district reached 98.304 billion RMB, representing half of the total citywide.

  The financial industry has become the first pillar underpinning the economic development of Futian, and an engine powering development and serving the local economy. Futian is home to the headquarters of over half of the financial enterprises in Shenzhen, represented by China Merchants Bank and Ping An Insurance Group, which are influential nationwide.

  The boom of the culture creative industry has also become a new driving force behind economic growth. Creative design, press and publications, film, television and animation, internet games, new media services, show business and entertainment, high-end arts and crafts industry, advertising and exhibition industry have all developed rapidly and gained cutting edges.

  The district government of Futian spares no effort in serving the development of enterprises, and has nurtured and attracted a large number of premium enterprises with its favorable business environment. At present, the district is home to a number of key industry clusters, such as the Futian International E-commerce Industrial Park, Shangsha Innovation Technology Park, and the Futian Bonded Area, along with prominent enterprises such as China Merchants Bank, Ping An Insurance Group, China Overseas Property Group, Inovance Technology, and Salubris Pharmaceuticals.

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