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  General Information

  The Guangming Sub-district is the most concentrated area in Shenzhen for returned overseas Chinese and the relatives of nationals living abroad, which total 7,008, accounting for 37% of the local registered population.

  Guangming is a young district, and its establishment is a major strategic measure adopted by Shenzhen to accelerate the construction of an internationalized city and improve the layout of urban development.

  With obvious geographic advantages, the Guangming New District enjoys convenient transportation. Construction of a road network centered on "nine vertical and eight horizontal" urban trunk roads is underway. Many highways in the district extend in all directions, and make it reachable within 30 minutes from the central area of Shenzhen, Bao'an International Airport, Yantian Port and Longhua Passenger Terminal. As a key link in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong "urban corridor", the district is situated inside the "30-minute transport circle" with other major cities of the Pearl River Delta including Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

  Industry Overview

  The Guangming New District has based local urban construction on developing industries and building industrial parks, vigorously devoted itself to transformation and upgrading, and firmly adhered to independent innovation, industry clustering and development of industrial parks.

  CSOT has smoothly fulfilled mass production. Three Fortune Global 500 enterprises have established operations here: AGC Glass Substrate, Sumitomo Chemical, and Linde Gas.

  Guangming International Panel Display Park has basically taken shape, and is certified as one of the first strategic emerging industrial bases by the provincial government.

  Other industrial parks for new materials, new energy, LED and biopharmaceuticals are on the way to formation.

  Three major projects for the culture industry – Fantawild, "Guangming Smart City" of the China Merchants Group, and "Innovation New Town" of OCT are being introduced steadily. Site selection for the headquarters park of listed enterprises and the creative culture industrial park has been completed.

  Since the establishment of the district, its economy has been developing at a high speed and with high quality, maintaining a growth rate of over 20%, which is more than double the average citywide. Major indicators such as fixed asset investment, gross industrial output, number of industrial enterprises above a designated size, tax revenue and the number of patents granted all have doubled, and the comprehensive strength of the district has been substantially enhanced.

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