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  General Information

  It enjoys unrivalled advantages in geographic location, industry, commerce and trade, culture and ecology.

  It is a major industrial zone in Shenzhen and has formed a development pattern led by industry, supported by the electronic information industry and with the distinct features of an export-oriented economy. With the faster development of tertiary industries including finance, commerce and trade and logistics, the district has built up a core business area covering the north-central part of the city.

  Industry Overview

  As an important base for the electronic information industry and traditional cutting-edge industries of the city, the development of the district is based on industry and supported by the electronic information industry.

  It is home to over 7,700 industrial enterprises of all kinds, including over 800 above a designated size and engaged in electronic information, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automobile, machine casting, clothing, and cigarette production, among others.

  The world's biggest electronic information manufacturer, Foxconn is also located in the district. The output of communication equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing sectors accounts for 74.5% of the total industrial output of Longhua.

  The advanced manufacturing industry including high-end automobiles and equipment manufacturing has been developing well, and Changan PSA Automobiles is also based here.

  Strategic emerging industries are rapidly developing. A number of projects are progressing smoothly, including those related to China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical, Zhijun Pharmaceutical, and Auratic Porcelain Culture Creative Industrial Park. In addition, the world's largest golf club, Mission Hills is flourishing here. Commerce and trade has maintained a favorable growth momentum, and cutting-edge traditional industries are developing steadily.

  At present, the major industrial parks in the district include the Guanlan High-Tech Park, Dafu Industrial Zone, and the clothing industry cluster; major enterprises include brands such as Foxconn, Mission Hills Golf Club, Changan PSA Automobiles, Fuji Xerox and a number of high-tech enterprises including Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical, Zhijun Pharmaceutical, Infinova and Winner Medical.

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