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  General Information

  It is one of the districts with the largest developable land area in Shenzhen. There is around 30 square kilometers of remaining useable land, which means huge growth potential, and can provide strategic support to the city's industrial development in the future, especially the high-tech industry.

  Pingshan Station (Shenzhen East Railway Station) of the Hangzhou-Fuzhou-Shenzhen intercity railway line, metro lines 12 and 14, the eastern cross-border passageway, and Nanshan-Pingshan Expressway which are under planning and construction, will connect to Pingshan. With the large-scale construction of rail transit and a highway network, the Pingshan New District will form a convenient "30-minute life circle" with the city proper and Hong Kong.

  Industry Overview

  The district is vigorously developing four leading industries – new alternative energy automobiles, electronic information, biopharmaceuticals, and equipment manufacturing, whose share of GDP reaches 73%.

  The district is developing an R&D, manufacturing, sales and services cluster for new energy automobiles and batteries, LED products, and smart grid equipment that covers the entire district and the Huizhou area. BYD's new alternative energy automobile base is spurring the growth, and strives to become a "leading force" in the Daya Bay new energy industrial belt and a national alternative energy industrial base.

  The Pingshan New District is accelerating the construction of a public services platform, fostering leading enterprises, introducing and developing the high-end electronic information industry mainly involving large-scale integrated circuits, new electronic parts and components, new audiovisual products, network products, computers and external devices, and mobile communication products to facilitate the formation of cutting-edge industry clusters.

  In addition, the district will also develop the local equipment manufacturing industry comprising the Biling high-tech zone, Kengzi area, the area south of Julongshan and the Pingshan River, and the CIMC area in the Pingshan Sub-district.

  At present, the district is home to a biological industrial park centered in the Jinsha area. The Biling and Maluan Modern Agricultural Technology Parks are focused on developing biological agriculture, and the Pingshan Environmental Park is engaged in developing the bio-environmental protection industry. Major local enterprises include new energy automobile companies such as BYD; electronic information enterprises like SMIC, Hitachi Global, and Goldland Electronics; biopharmaceutical companies represented by Sanofi and Chipscreen; and equipment manufacturers such as Zhenxiong Precision Equipment and CIMC.

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