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  Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Sector Cooperation Zone (Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Zone) sits in the west of Nanshan peninsula, Shenzhen, and covers about 15 km2.

  Guided by the principle of innovation, market economy, and global involvement, Qianhai follows the strategy of collaborative development, win-win, system reform, high-efficiency development, high-end businesses, intensive development, planning, and innovative models to build the Shenzhen-Hong Kong modern service sector cooperation zone under the principle of one nation, two systems.

  Qianhai sits at the crossroad of the main development axis of the Pearl River Delta and coastal functional expansion belt. It neighbors two airports, the Shenzhen-Zhongshan cross-river tunnel, Shenzhen West Port and Shenzhen North Railway Station. With the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Yanjiang Highway, it is one hour's drive from the Pearl River Delta region and 30 minutes' drive from Hong Kong. Thanks to outstanding transport conditions, it plays a strategic role in linking Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. 


  Qianhai will serve as zones for modern service industry innovation, modern service industry development, Hong Kong-mainland cooperation, and Pearl River Delta industry optimization. Qianhai will focus on four industries: finance, modern logistics, scientific and technological services, and other professional services.

  To promote the development of the financial industry, Qianhai will drive financial cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong based on the central government's general plan of opening the financial business to overseas institutions, reduce entrance limits for Hong Kong financial bodies and services, and encourage trial financial reform and innovation projects in Qianhai. Qianhai will improve the business environment to attract various financial bodies and increase its financial influence upon neighboring regions, thus building Qianhai into a model of opening financial industry.

  To boost the modern logistics industry, Qianhai will seek to build the Shenzhen-Hong Kong global logistics center by intensifying Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation in the modern logistics industry, developing a high-end logistics development zone, building a supply chain management center and air transport service base with strategic importance in the Asia-Pacific region, and elevating production organization and service capabilities for the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta.

  To develop the information service sector, Qianhai plans to build information infrastructure facilities, develop software and IT services, information content services, and upgrade information deliver and service capabilities, thus accelerating the development of the Internet and physical economy, and adopt information technologies to boost the development of the manufacturing industry.

  To develop scientific and technological, and other professional services, Qianhai will introduce numerous scientific, technological and other professional service sources, and build regional hi-tech innovation service centers and production service bases, thus propelling industry upgrades and independent innovation in the Pearl River Delta region.

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  Qianhai government's website:http://www.szqh.gov.cn/

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