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  General Information

  Surrounded by mountains and the sea, the Yantian district enjoys a superior natural environment, and is the "Gold Coast" of Shenzhen and Guangdong. Its urban construction blends harmoniously with the mountains and the sea. The local culture is relaxed and unpretentious and diverse cultures have openly and tolerantly converged here.

  The district is home to Yantian Port, a major international transit port connected to the world. There are a number of expressways including the Yantian-Paibang Interchange Expressway, Yantian-Bagang Expressway, and Eastern Coastal Expressway. Yantian is only 15 minutes away from the Shenzhen Railway Station, and a 40-minute ride from Shenzhen Airport. The Longyan Road to be constructed soon will make transportation between Yantian, Luohu and Longgang much more convenient.

  Industry Overview

  TheYantian district has developed the four pillar industries of port logistics, eco-tourism, high-tech, and culture.

  The port economy is maturely developed. Yantian Port Area is an integral part of Shenzhen Port, and its single port container throughput is ranked first worldwide. Yantian Port has ranked in first place among the "top ten container terminals of Chinese ports" for many consecutive years, and its operation efficiency and comprehensive service capacity have attained world-leading levels.

  The district has a solid tourism industry foundation. A number of high-end tourism, cultural, and supporting projects are in operation such as: OCT East, Sheraton Dameisha Resort Hotel Shenzhen, The Interlaken OCT Hotel, Shenzhen Marina Club, and Shenzhen Meisha Original Music Advanced Base. The tourist market structure and service functions in Yantian have been favorably adjusted. Tourism has gradually shifted from simple sightseeing to comprehensive packages integrating sightseeing, leisure, vacation, health and wellness, business and meetings. All this has effectively facilitated the consolidation, renovation, and enhancement of the tourism industry in the district.

  The high-tech industry in the district also has distinct features with sectors including: Flat-panel display production, logistics information, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, new materials and new energy. These have gradually become characteristic sectors with the greatest innovation in the district. The first genome map of the Asian race called, "Chinese Number One" was released by BGI in the world's top-rate academic journal Nature. It is a milestone technological achievement for Shenzhen and has influenced the international scientific community.BGI has made great breakthroughs in gene sequencing, the health industry and bio-energy, and is now a model for developing the city's genetic science and health industry.

  With such diverse and distinctive cultures, Yantian is witnessing the growth of a cultural industry with strong local features.

  OCT East aims to "let urbanites return to nature" and integrates various cultural and tourism functions including eco-tourism, leisure and recreation, and outdoor sports, to integrate and balance the coexistence between man and nature.

  Shenzhen Meisha Original Music Advanced Base is the first music-themed culture industry base in China, aiming to raise the quality and quantity of Chinese pop music and striving to become the biggest production and trading platform for Chinese music. It has become one of the ten cultural brands of Shenzhen, and the "Shatoujiao Fish Lantern Dance" produced here has been rated as state-level intangible cultural heritage.

  Yantian is also home to the Shatoujiao Bonded Area and Yantian Port Bonded Logistics Park, which is the biggest export supervised warehousing base nationwide. In addition, a number of major enterprises are based in this district, such as China Vanke, Shenzhen Huade Anti-Forgery Technology & Development, and the Yantian Port Group.

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