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Robotics industry


  Shenzhen’s traditional infrastructure advantages, the strengthening of its upstream R&D capabilities, and the maturation of its downstream end markets have created a “closed loop” for Shenzhen’s robotics industry. In 2014, Shenzhen had 237 robotics companies that combined for gross production of 48.0 billion RMB. Of this, industrial robotics, with 192 companies and gross production of 41.2 billion RMB, was still the primary engine behind Shenzhen’s robotics advance. In addition, 45 companies are engaged in service robot production/business, with gross production of 6.8 billion RMB. Shenzhen robotics companies are domestic leaders in terms of system integration, controllers, servers, multi-sensor fusion, signal processing, person-machine interaction, etc. Some examples of this include Foxconn’s robot construction, Rapoo’s system integration, Inovance’s servers, and Googol’ controllers.

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