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Invest Shenzhen Successfully Holds Training Class on Hong Kong’s International Investment Research

    In order to understand the latest trends in international investment, learn from Hong Kong’s advanced experience in investment promotion and improve the capability of Shenzhen’s investment promotion team, Invest Shenzhen held a training class on Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s international investment research in Hong Kong from July 16 to July 21. Wang Youming, Director of Invest Shenzhen, and Zhang Feimeng, Deputy Director of Invest Shenzhen, attended the closing ceremony. Wang Youming, Director of Invest Shenzhen, gave recognition to the training. Zhang Feimeng, Deputy Director of Invest Shenzhen,issued the Certificate of completion for trainees with Wang Zhongying, Chairman of Hong Kong Financial Services Institute. 

  As part of the sessions held by Invest Shenzhen, a training class was co-organized by Hong Kong Financial Services Institute and PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution.Municipal and district-level investment promotion departments and the Authority of Qianhai to participate in the training class.  

  The training was conducted in formats such as taught classes, case analysis and investigations, and exchanges. The course focused on project appraisal, while lectures were given on “The Belt and Road” initiative, supply-side reform and Shenzhen’s industrial development. Lecturers were not only highly-educated professionals from top overseas universities, most of which held doctoral degrees, but also entrepreneurs and executives at investment banks. Their valuable work and life experience made the course more international and significantly improved trainees’ outlook. Trainees said they highly valued the professional knowledge and practical tools for project appraisal in the international financial and investment sectors they gained from the training, which can be used as a guide for regional investment attraction and investment decisions. They can also apply these theories and tools learned during the training to assess prospective projects in a comprehensive and objective manner during project introduction and investment attraction assessment.  

  Meanwhile, all trainees visited InvestHK and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) and actively engaged in exchanges. By visiting InvestHK, trainees learned how their expertise and abilities can boost regional economic development and lead them to value their positions and devote themselves wholeheartedly to their work. During discussions, CMA showed great interest in investing in Shenzhen. Invest Shenzhen and representatives from the various districts of Shenzhen held promotional activities to introduce Shenzhen and practiced giving lectures and conducting exchanges for investment attraction. All trainees also watched Invest Shenzhen’s promotional event in Hong Kong to enhance their awareness about investment promotion and improve their business-related capabilities.  






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