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Leaders of Invest Shenzhen Meet with the Delegation from the Sino-Australia Chamber of Commerce for Trade and Investment


  On November 15, Deputy Director Zhang Feimeng met with the delegation led by Jiang Pan, the president of the Sino-Australia Chamber of Commerce for Trade and Investment. The two sides had in-depth discussions to further promote exchanges and cooperation among enterprises in Australia and China and create more and better cooperation opportunities for bilateral economic and trade development.

During the discussion, Deputy Director Zhang Feimeng expressed his strong support for enhancing cooperation between the two sides and added that they will strive to extend the areas of industrial investment for Australian enterprises in Shenzhen; and strengthen their cooperation with Shenzhen in construction, IT, business services, etc.

  President Jiang Pan spoke highly of the business environment and good prospects of development in Shenzhen and said that utmost efforts will be made to promote the business expansion of Australian enterprises in Shenzhen and build an information network for business activities between Australia and China to provide project information and opportunities for business communities in both countries. In addition, participating Australian enterprises spoke with our agency at the site about investment in Shenzhen, cooperation and other related matters.

  The Sino-Australia Chamber of Commerce for Trade and Investment is a non-profit organization approved by the Australian government. Its purpose is to establish a platform for cooperation and exchange between the Australian and Chinese governments and enterprises to promote and strengthen the harmonious development of economy, trade and investment.



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