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Invest Shenzhen Deputy Director Zhang Feimeng Meets with Senior Executives from Germany’s ALBA Group


  On the morning of November 28th, Invest Shenzhen Deputy Director Zhang Feimeng met with ALBA China General Manager Zhao Mingxi and his delegation, and the two sides conducted project negotiations and exchanges. General Manager Zhao introduced his company's overall operations and investment plans in Shenzhen, while Deputy Director Zhang welcomed ALBA’s development in Shenzhen and made recommendations regarding the project implementation. Subsequently, officials from Invest Shenzhen, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Habitat and Environment Committee, the Urban Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd., and other units held talks with ALBA executives about further integrating their business matching with the actual situation in Shenzhen. They also discussed the feasibility of setting up the project.

  The ALBA Group was founded in 1968 in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the top 10 environmental services and resource recycling companies in the world. The group has operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas, with about 200 subsidiaries and branches around the world and nearly 8,000 employees. With an annual turnover of 260 million euros and an annual processing capacity of 7 million tons of renewable resources, the Group uses third-generation “green coal” technology to treat municipal waste in the German capital Berlin, creating the “Berlin model” for the earliest waste sorting in that country.

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