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The 19th China Hi-Tech Fair Opens Soon
 11-17 17:52
Shenzhen recruited 7 full-time academicians this year and the total number of different talents increased by 30%
 11-08 11:19
Shenzhen ranks sixth in economic competitiveness worldwide
 11-08 11:17
Supply of Grade A Office Buildings in Shenzhen Expected to Hit New High of 1.5mn Square Meters
 11-03 17:05
Shenzhen¡¯s GDP Grows by 8.8% in First Three Quarters of 2017, with Emerging Industries Giving Strong Boost to Economic Growth
 11-03 17:02
Shenzhen Takes Lead in Establishing FinTech Award
 10-23 17:20
Shenzhen Civilized Travel Index Hits New 12-Month High in September
 10-23 17:16
Shenzhen Began to Accept Application for Talent Scout Award, Up to RMB 200,000 for the Introducer of Academicians
 10-16 17:06
Shenzhen Tops China in Growth of Commercial Entities
 10-16 16:58
China¡¯s CBD Development Report: Futian CBD Ranks No. 1 in Economic Scale in China
 10-12 16:51

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