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Shenzhen launches platform providing information on industrial-use properties to solve the difficulties of businesses looking for space


  In Shenzhen, with the tight constraints of extremely scarce land, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has taken its vision of attracting and nurturing businesses and promoting the long-term development of the urban industrial economy and focused it on property for industrial use, and was the first in the country to put forward a new concept - "innovative industrial-use property." That is, the spatial needs for the development of innovative enterprises have been met by a government-led policy-based scheme for the renting or sale of properties for industrial use.


  To realize effective and unified management of the property for innovative industries, ensure the optimal allocation of resources, increase support for enterprise development and fully realize the efficient matching of information about industrial space supply and demand, Shenzhen has set up a "Shenzhen Industrial-use Land and Property Supply and Demand Service Platform "(hereinafter referred to as the property platform). The property platform website is at: http://gdpt.sz68.com.

  The city’s property platform is in line with the requirements of the Shenzhen Municipal Government to build a unified, open and permanent industrial space supply-and-demand service platform. Its construction was led by the Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality (Land and Real Estate Exchange Center of Shenzhen Municipality), with the involvement of the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, the Shenzhen Economic Trade and Informationization Committee, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission and other industry authorities and district governments (administrative committees). Enterprises are welcomed to visit and make known to the government their needs.

  The property platform on the one hand, provides a unified open platform for publishing information on the supply of property for use by innovative industries to the community, while on the other hand, normalizes the collection of information on demand for industrial-use property among social enterprises. In doing so, it will provide effective support for Shenzhen enterprises in solving their industrial property needs.

  At present, there are 111 innovative industry property projects and 7.124 million square meters of innovative industry space. Among which: 17 have already been sold or rented, covering an area of 2.894 million square meters of industrial-use property; 63 projects are currently up for sale or rent covering 3.359 million square meters of innovative industry-use property; and 31 projects that have either been rented or sold, covering 871,000 square meters of innovative industrial-use property.

  At present, there are hundreds of enterprises in various industries, including innovative enterprises, new and high-tech enterprises, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs who have successfully applied and settled in to the innovative industrial properties. In future, the property platform will release even more information on the supply of innovative industrial-use properties.

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