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Shenzhen’s Indictors for Intellectual Property Rights Continue to Lead the Nation with 80 Patents Granted for Every 10,000 People


  80 invention patents per 10,000 people

  The Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality recently held the "Intellectual Property Policy and Patent Insurance Products Seminar." Reporters learned that, over the years, in Shenzhen the business of protecting intellectual property has made sustained and rapid development, while the city has consistently led the nation across a number of intellectual property indicators. The Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality and Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance Company of China, Ltd., have also made some recent progress on the types of insurance products they have jointly developed.

  In 2016, the number of patent applications handled by the city maintained stable growth, with the total number reaching more than 145,000. The cumulative number of valid invention patents were more than 95,000, or 80.1 for every 10,000 people, which is 10 times the national average, ranking Shenzhen first nationwide among major cities. PCT patent applications were over 19,000, accounting for about half of the total number of applications nationwide. At the 18th China Patent Awards, the city won four gold awards, with that tally ranking it second among the nation’s major cities nationally. As of the end of 2016, the city has won 27 China gold patent awards.

  Chen Mingang, director of the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality, briefed the seminar on the work of intellectual property rights in Shenzhen and the demonstration work on patent insurance. He said that intellectual property has once again become a hot topic in industry, academia and society since the central government put forward an innovation-driven development strategy and the goal of building the country into an innovation powerhouse. The State Council has successively issued the Several Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a Powerful Nation in Regards to Intellectual Property Rights Under the New Situation and the 13th Five-year Plan for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Utilization Scheme, both of which clearly propose to "strictly protect intellectual property rights and strengthen the use of intellectual property rights."

  In 2013, Shenzhen was named as one of the second batch of national patent insurance pilot areas. In August 2016, Shenzhen was assessed by the State Intellectual Property Office as being among the first batch of the nation’s patent insurance model cities. Since the pilot demonstration, the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality has taken effective measures to achieve a certain degree of work effectiveness, which was affirmed by the State Intellectual Property Office. In order to effectively promote the demonstration work of patent insurance, the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality has also developed a Patent Insurance Demonstration Work Program.

  During the week of the World Intellectual Property Day on April 26,

  the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality and Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance signed a patent insurance strategic cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will jointly explore launching patent insurance policy research, promoting patent insurance products, creating innovative patent insurance products, exploring the construction of a patent insurance service system and the establishment of an intellectual property risk control and decentralization mechanism, increasing patent insurance training and intensifying publicity efforts. The two sides, through the optimization of patent insurance products as well as insurance service and business models, will build a Shenzhen intellectual property risk management service platform. And during the patent insurance demonstration period, the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality together with Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance were the first in the country to develop a new type of patent insurance - "patent infringement loss insurance."

  Chen Mingang believes that the cooperation between the two sides is based on the outstanding performance and reputation of Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance’s business and the responsibility assumed by Shenzhen in carrying out work on intellectual property. "Of course, the city's patent insurance work is still in the exploratory stage, with the current main areas of focus as the following: the varieties of patent insurance are relatively few and options available to businesses are small in scope, while market demand has not yet been fully tapped; some companies do not truly realize the value of patent insurance, and consider it as an operating cost; also, patent insurance needs to be better publicized.”

  Shenzhen is a major financial market, with banking, insurance and other segments relatively well developed. The financial industry, including the insurance sector, is one of the four pillar industries in Shenzhen. To achieve protection of intellectual property rights as well as insurance pairing and cooperation, the city must play to its inevitable advantages. It is also an opportunity to strengthen Shenzhen’s intellectual property rights and insurance industries.

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