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Shenzhen recruited 7 full-time academicians this year and the total number of different talents increased by 30%


  As announced at the press conference on October 30, Shenzhen has recruited 7 full-time academicians since 2017 and 100,000 talents of all kinds have been recruited, representing an increase of 30%.

  100,000 talents since 2017

  In terms of talent recruitment, Shenzhen has recruited 7 full-time academicians, 46 experts in "The Thousand Talents Plan", 15 Peacock Teams and 668 overseas top talents. 100,000 new talents have been recruited, representing an increase of 30%. In terms of talent cultivation, this has introduced quality education resources from around the world and promotes the leap-forward development of higher education. In 2017, Shenzhen MSU-BIT University enrolled the first batch of undergraduates, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Campus has been approved by the Ministry of Education to carry out undergraduate education, Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen Campus is also accelerating its construction, and Shenzhen University and Southern University of Science and Technology are vigorously promoting the building of high-level universities. Regarding incentives and protection of talents, the proportion for turning the research results into income is increased to above 70%, which greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of researchers for innovation and entrepreneurship. In terms of housing security, the renting and living allowances for newly recruited talents has been increased. Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Co., Ltd. was incorporated with its registered capital of 100 billion RMB, and plans to build no less than 300,000 housing units in five years so talents can come and stay.

  Shenzhen has recruited 86 Peacock Teams and 2542 overseas top talents.

  The aim is to implement the "Peacock Plan" for overseas top talents by introducing and supporting overseas top talent teams and overseas top talents in a number of key fields to come to Shenzhen for entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, Shenzhen has recruited 86 Peacock Teams and 2,542 overseas top talents and implemented the "Three Famous Projects for Medical Care and Hygiene" to increase the strength of recruiting top medical teams and build a group of renowned doctors and departments with high reputations both at home and abroad.

  Constructing a diverse evaluation mechanism to evaluate talents in a multidimensional way.

  Shenzhen City has recommended and accredited 28 young talents in three groups; is giving full play to the function of "Inter-industry Evaluation" of industry organizations, and gradually is decentralizing the evaluation function of socialized titles to qualified industry organizations. At present, the evaluation of job titles of 76 judging panels and 118 professions have been handed over to 38 industry organizations, and the "self-evaluation" function of employers has been fully employed. Shenzhen will continue to carry out the pilot project of self-evaluation for job titles in new R & D institutions, high-tech enterprises and other enterprises and authorize the industry leaders and new scientific research institutes to accredit top talents by themselves and enjoy the corresponding policy treatment while utilizing the function of "social evaluation" of other market elements. It shall actively explore introduction of human resources service agencies, venture capital institutions and other market-oriented evaluation elements in the top talents evaluation criteria.

  Studying and formulating the first industry-supporting policies for the human resources service industry of Shenzhen.

  These regulations mentioned that "the human resources service industry shall implement the registration system". This raises the question, “What influence will it bring to the development of human resources service industry?” In response, Zeng Xuelian, Deputy Director General of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security said that Shenzhen has passed legislation to replace the administrative license of human resources service agencies with the registration system of human resources service agencies and cancelled some of the qualification restrictions for establishment of human resources service agencies. This further eases the market access threshold, streamlines business processes and declarations of materials and shortens the business processing time. Additionally, this reform and innovation initiatives will help to reduce the cost for the establishment of human resources services agencies, further enhance market vitality and promote development of the human resources market .

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