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New Trends Prevail at CHTF 2017


  Known as China's largest science and technology fair, the China Hi-Tech Fair opened today. With the theme of "focusing on innovation-driven, and improving the quality of supply", this year’s CHTF created milestones in the number and quality of exhibitors, exhibition area and hi-tech products. The various high-tech and new products exhibited at the fair clearly showed the new trends in the global innovation industry.

    After 19 years of continuous development, the fair is now the largest, highest-profile, most effective and influential national scientific and technological event in China. This is where China's all-round efforts and results in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerating industrial integration are displayed.

  The fair has further pushed forward the capitalization of scientific and technological achievements and deepened exchanges and cooperation with international science and technology. It has become the weather vane for technology and industry; and the fair’s role is becoming increasingly more significant in high-tech fields.

  Weather vane for technology:

  More than 1,000 new products and new technologies have been released.

  This year, it was the third time for Royole, a Shenzhen enterprise to participate in the CHTF. Royole showed the Royole Moon (the world's first foldable mobile theater), a new flexible smart keyboard that can shrink to the size of a pen, a flexible arc-shaped electronic car control, and transparent flexible smart phones.

  Recently, after winning the 2018 German Design Award and CES 2018 Innovation Award, Royole displayed its latest product, the flexible electronic smart sofa at the Fair for the first time, considering the great fame of the fair.

  Former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott attended and said with emotion, "This is the essence of China and also the future of China. As I have seen, high-tech in China is developing rapidly with each passing day."

  The Hi-Tech Fair is a kaleidoscope of Chinese science and technology. In the arena of the CHTF, thousands of high-tech science and technologies are independently developed in China every year. The exhibition area was expanded from 20,000 sq meters in the first session to 150,000 sq meters this year, and the main players of the CHTF have transitioned from a field  dominated by foreign giants to Chinese enterprises which continue to maintain independent innovation and make great scientific and technological achievements. The "factory of the world" is moving faster toward being a strong power for science and technology.

  According to the introduction of the Organizing Committee of the CHTF, it has focused on forward-looking, strategic and emerging fields and industrial cross fields. The China Hi-Tech Fair has intensified invitations to famous enterprises, new products and new technologies.

  It has showcased a large number of leading enterprises from home and abroad and world leading high-tech products, as well as the key technologies, core technologies and cutting-edge technologies at the forefront of high-tech fields both at home and abroad. This has definitively enhanced the fair’s status as the "weather vane for technology".

  The CHTF this year embodies the ample "sense of science and technology" with outstanding exhibitors from around the world hosting more than 50 product launches and releasing more than 1,000 new products and technologies. These include a robot 3D sorting system, flying robots, infrared stealth clothing, smart city solutions, flexible ultra-fast charge and discharge batteries, self-driving technologies, and more.

  Weather vane for industry

  Focus on strategic emerging industries and future industries

  The CHTF has long been labeled the "weather vane of the industry". During each year's CHTF, there are new technologies, that give birth to new industries. As early as 2006, Fan Jianping, president of the CAS Advanced Institute of Shenzhen, predicted at the Fair that in less than 10 years, intelligent robots will enter tens of thousands of households. Today, industrial robots, service robots, and everyday robots have not only become "regulars" in the halls of hi-tech fairs, but have also entered the factory buildings and homes of ordinary people.

  The future industrial planning promulgated by Shenzhen at the end of 2013 put forward the proposal to vigorously develop the robot industry. Data shows that the robot industry in Shenzhen in 2016 had an output value of about 78.7 billion RMB, and is thriving while rapidly moving towards the high-end.

  The Fair pays special attention to the important breakthroughs in science and the core scientific and technological trends around the world. Since 2014, wearable devices at the fair have been included in the large numbers of ordinary players' buying lists. In 2015, the first parallel session for unmanned systems made the UAV market popular, and in 2016 nearly 100 VR thematic sessions and activities were held. The CHTF remains on top of the commanding heights in the sci-tech and industry every year.

  This year's CHTF focused on strategic emerging industries and future industries. It highlighted the latest developments in IT, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy sources, new materials, high-end equipment, biology, life and health, aerospace and civil-military integration. It has also displayed Internet +, the in-depth integration of industrialization and informatization, the in-depth integration of the new generation of IT and manufacturing technology, as well as other new industries, new trends and models.

  The Organizing Committee reiterated that the 19th CHTF held this year has "stayed true to the mission", followed the pace of the country, and is leading the industry direction of China and the world.

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