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Shenzhen Approved as "National Demonstration City for Fabricated Buildings"


  Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced the first group of demonstration cities and industrial bases for prefabricated buildings. Shenzhen won the honor of being a "National Demonstration City for Fabricated Buildings". Eight Shenzhen enterprises including Vanke, China State Construction International Investments, China Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Huayang International Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd., Zhubo Design Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiada Hi-tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Pengcheng Construction Group and Huasen Architectural& Engineering Designing Consultants Ltd. were chosen to participate in the "National Industrial Base for Fabricated Buildings."


  Ninety projects are included in the project library for fabricated buildings


  The completed prefabricated building projects have covered all districts in Shenzhen, including various project types such as houses, apartments, office buildings, industrial plants and so on. Up to now, the city has completed 14 projects, with a total construction area of 1.4 million sq meters, and 24 projects are under construction, with a total construction area of 2.8 million sq meters. Ninety projects were included in the project library for fabricated buildings, with a total construction area of more than 10 million sq meters.


  The industrial base is increasingly consolidated. With the increasingly sound and mature industry support advantages in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao , more than 30 factories for prefabrication have been set up in the city and the surrounding areas. A number of factories for prefabrication in the Shenzhen-Shantou Cooperation Zone have also begun construction. In the next few years, the supply capacity for Shenzhen will be adequate.


  Technical standards continue to become mature and reliable. The city has successively released a number of local technical specifications and atlases, such as "Technical Specifications for Prefabricated Integral Reinforced Concrete Structures", which provides strong technical support for the development of fabricated buildings. At the same time, the city has absorbed and improved advanced technologies both at home and abroad, and explored the technical routes most suitable for the characteristics of Shenzhen in the areas of prefabricated concrete structures and steel structures.


  Policy systems have been basically established, and a number  of policy and technical documents such as the "Notice of Accelerating the Promotion of Fabricated Buildings" have been issued to fully utilize the enthusiasm of the market players and effectively advance the implementation of fabricated construction projects.

  At present, the city is currently developing a "Special Plan for Shenzhen's Fabricated Buildings (2017-2020)", which will further expand the scope of project implementation and continuously improve the development mechanism of fabricated buildings.


  Establishing the first group of ten training bases for fabricated buildings


  The city encourages industry associations to assist governmental departments to strengthen the self-management of industries, improve the social credibility of industry associations and standardize market order.

  For market access problems that need to be urgently solved after the qualifications for manufacturers of prefabricated concrete components are revoked, the Guiding Industry Association has developed and issued the first "Star Rating Method for Prefabricated Concrete Component Manufacturer" and the group standard of "Star Rating Criteria for Prefabricated Concrete Component Manufacturer". The purpose is to motivate prefabricated component manufacturing enterprises into further improving production standards and product quality.

  At the same time, vigorous efforts have also been made for the development of leading enterprises. This includes encouraging and leading the formation of multi-field and multi-level industrial alliances, actively organizing the application of national industrial bases and promoting the all-round development of the industrial chain.


  In regards to the development of new talents and cultivation of industrial workers, Shenzhen leads in setting up the professional titles for fabricated buildings in China. The review work for the first group of junior, intermediate and senior levels of fabricated building engineers was launched to provide different levels of qualified personnel for the development of fabricated buildings. Relying on Leedhome, Yau Lee Wah and other backbone enterprises for fabricated buildings and industrial bases, the city established its first group of ten training bases for fabricated buildings.

  Efforts have been made to push forward the transformation of building construction through the integrated model of "classroom teaching, operational training and skills appraisal" in terms of professionalism, industrialization and modernization. Additional efforts have been put into conducting in-depth publicity and implementation of thematic policies and technical training. So far more than 5,000 people have received training.

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