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Shenzhen Ranks Third for Digital Talents in China


  The Tsinghua SEM Internet Development and Governance Research Center jointly released the Digital Transformation in China's Economy: Talents and Employment report. It shows that the number of digital talents in Shenzhen ranked third in the country and Shenzhen's digital talents are mainly clustered in Internet and communications companies.

  Digital talents refer to not only those with ICT (Information and Communications Technology) expertise, but also those cross-disciplinary talents with expertise for the complementation and coordination of information technology.

  From the perspective of digital transformation in terms of the value chain, digital talents are mainly divided into six categories: digital strategy management, in-depth analysis, product development, advanced manufacturing, digital operating and digital marketing personnel. This study screened 720,000 digital talents by gathering user portraits from multiple dimensions and tracking their career paths.

  The report found that the distribution of digital talents in China shows a high degree of consistency with the development of the digital economy. Large cities with the most digital talents in descending order are: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Xi'an, with Shenzhen ranking third in the country.

  In terms of mobility, unlike the phenomenon of "leaving Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou" which has been frequently reported in recent years, the mobility of digital talents shows a trend of congregating in first-tier cities. Shanghai and Shenzhen are the cities with the greatest influx of digital talents in the past three years.

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