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Shenzhen Tops Livable China Development Index


  On January 30, the public opinion investigation unit of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences joined hands with the Chinese Alliance for Public Opinion Investigation and Research and the Livable Chinese Union to release the Livable China Development Index Report (2017-2018). The report showed that Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi’an and Suzhou were among the top 10 Chinese cities on the index in 2017.

  The report is composed of three parts, namely, a city’s livability, revolution in architectural and homes, and hot topics. In addition to livable cities, the report also covers utilization of Chinese buildings for industrial purposes, smart homes, China’s elderly care industry and distinctive towns. The report showed that overall, the livability of Chinese cities scored low in the index and there is a serious imbalance among cities.

  “Imbalance in the index also shows that cities lack systematic and comprehensive development planning and they need to focus more on innovation and business startups, social governance and environmental protection,” said Liu Yanping, head of the Livable City Development Index project and associate researcher at the National Academy of Economic Strategy, CASS.

  Zhao Jianying, President of the China Social Sciences Press, said that many problems have emerged during China’s accelerating urbanization and rapid development of the property market. By conducting research and cooperating with experts from different sectors, the report clearly defines evaluation methods and standards of a livable city. Meanwhile, it also discusses hot topics that have come up during the construction China’s cities, which will serve as a reference to help make cities more livable and boost sectors such as green buildings.

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