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Shenzhen Ranked No. 2 on China’s TOP 10 Most Innovative Cities List


  On November 1st, the Capital Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy (CISTDS) released its "Building Cities of Innovation - China's Top 10 Most Innovative Cities" research report, with Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai ranking in the top three on the list.

  The research report evaluated cities from the four aspects of innovation resources, innovation environment, innovation service and innovation performance along with a total of 26 other specific metrics as part of constructing "China's urban science and technology innovation development indicator system." Based on this system, the research released China’s TOP 10 innovative cities, among which Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai ranked in the top three, followed by Guangzhou, Nanjing, and Wuhan.

  The study found that talent is the cornerstone of development in the TOP 10 innovative cities, and is the primary factor in measuring a city's technological innovation resources. "Innovation" and "entrepreneurship" are the new drivers of economic growth in the TOP 10 cities and there is a high degree of consistency between the two, which have already integrated organically.

  Guan Chenghua, dean of the CISTDS, believes that the construction of innovative cities should avoid "focusing too much on hardware and not enough on software" and strengthen innovative services which are the core elements to enhancing the level of urban innovation. At the same time, they should avoid "focusing too much on physical assets and not enough on people", to promote the city's innovation and development with the goal of improving the people's happiness. We must also avoid "focusing too much on competition and not enough on cooperation" and promote urban innovation and development through collaborative innovation.

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