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Fairylake Botanical Garden


  Fairylake Botanical Garden is located in the northeast suburb of Shenzhen, with Wutong Mountain, the highest peak in Shenzhen, in the east and Shenzhen reservoir in the west. Covering an area of 587 hectares, the garden was established in 1983 and opened to the public in 1988. It is a renowned botanical garden and scenic spot integrating scientific research & popularization and tourism.

  There are more than 7,800 plant species cultivated in this garden and 17 special categorized plants gardens, including National Cycadaceae Germplasm Resource Conservation Center, Magnoliids Garden, Rare & Endangered Tree Garden, Palm Garden, Bamboo Garden, Shade Plant Garden, Desert Landscape Garden, Fruit Garden, Aquatic Plant Garden, Peach Blossom Garden, Gymnosperms Garden, and Bonsai Garden, etc.

  The Garden is divided into six scenic areas, including the Paradise on Earth Area, the Lake Area, the Temple Area, the Desert Landscape Area, Petrified Forest Area and the Conifers and Azalea Area. Major garden spots include: Amazing Caves, Liang Yi Pavilion, Jade Belt Bridge, Dragon Tower, Billows Loft, Sightseeing Pavilion, and Butterfly & Orchid Garden, as well as the distinctive Shenzhen Paleontological Museum. Boasting beautiful natural sceneries, unique garden buildings as well as rare plants, it wins generous praise from visitors.

  Covered with lush lawn and dotted with palm trees, Fairylake Botanical Garden presents a beautiful tropical landscape. In shade plants garden, insectivorous plants are on the look out for prey while brightly colored Oncidium orchids look like gracious maids in an imperial palace performing beautiful dances. In the Petrified Forest, the agate fossils proudly stand upright, and their annual rings were never obliterated in the hundreds of million years, and it seems to tell the great change of the earth. In the desert green house, cacti and succulents vie with each other for glamour. In the first rays of the morning sun, the ring of bells and the recitation of scriptures in the Buddhism temple fill people with deep veneration. In the setting sun, the garden is so picturesque and tranquil with the bright ripples spreading. The shadows of trees and pavilions are inverted reflected in the water of the lake.


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