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High-tech Industry Zone


  The high-tech industry zone includes Shenzhen Bay Area, Shiyan Area, South Guangming Area, Guanlan, Longhua Banxuegang Area, Baolong area, Great Industrial Area, Kuichong Dapeng Area, University City Area and Ecological Agriculture Area. The total length of high-tech industry zone is around 100 km. The total planned land area is around 185.6 square kilometers. The area of land for high-tech industry is around 76.1 square kilometers. It has five functions: scientific research and development, incubation of scientific and technological results, industrialized production, higher education and export processing.

  High-tech Area

  Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP) Shenzhen Bay Park was founded in September 1996. It covers an area of 11.5 km2. SHIP has been honoured as one of the six national key science parks, "National Key Intellectual Property Science Park" ,"National High-Tech Industrial Standardization Pilot Park", "National Higher-level New-type Pioneering Talent Park" and "National New-type Industrial Pilot Park ".

  SHIP Shenzhen Bay Park adheres to self-innovation and harmonious development. SHIP Shenzhen Bay Park establishes a comprehensive environment combining industrial ecology, humanistic ecology and environmental ecology. SHIP Shenzhen Bay Park advocates the innovation culture of "Daring to venture", "Striving to innovate", "Tolerating failure" and "Pursuing success", "Open and tolerating", "competitive", "energetic" and "voiding fickleness". In the Park there has been developed an innovation system with enhanced synergy amongst the government, industries, universities, research institutions, capital and intermediary services. SHIP Shenzhen Bay Park is becoming "Fertile soil for business venturing and paradise for success".

  Liuxian Cave Area

  Its total land area is 3.2 square kilometers. This area focuses on the development of integrated circuit, communication equipment and relevant industry.

  University City Area

  Its total planned area is 3.8 square kilometers. The area of the land available for development is 2.1 square kilometers. In the initial stage, it introduced many famous domestic universities including Tsinghua University, Peking University and Harbin Institute of Technology and over 6 state-level key laboratories and established multifunctional, comprehensive and modernized university science and education area integrating, learning and research.

  South Guangming Area

  Its total planned area is 28.31 square kilometers. The area of land available for development is 15.05 square kilometers. The planned area for high-tech industry development is 6.0 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of electronic information, digital display, optical electromechanical integration industry and large-scale advanced manufacturing industry.

  Baolong Area

  Its total planned land area is 31 square kilometers. The area of the land available for development is 21.1 square kilometers. The area of land for high-tech industry is 11.2 square kilometers. It focuses on the development of digital display, new material, new energy and relevant supporting industries and large-scale advanced manufacturing industry.

  Ecological Agriculture Area

  Its total area is 1,866.7 hectares (including sea area of 500 hectares). Guangming Area mainly develops modern urban high-tech agriculture. Gongming mainly develops modernized production of high-quality pollution-free vegetable, high-quality fruits and various flowers. East Ocean Area is mainly planned for a comprehensive marine product culture, export & import and ocean resource development base integrating the scientific research and production of marine organism and touring.

  Municipal Grand Industrial Area and Export Processing Zone

  Planning area of the Municipal Grand Industrial Area is 174.4 square kilometers and development area for the central zone shall be 38 square kilometers. The area focuses on high-tech industries as well as industries involving advanced technologies and supporting tertiary industries, including finance, real estate, commercial services and economic and technical development.

  Shehzhen Export processing Zone is a special closed area supervised by the customs with the approval of the State Council. The Processing Area is the west part of phase-I development zone of the Great Industrial Area. Covering 3 square kilometers. The municipal government plans the Processing Area for one of key bases of foreign trade and earning of foreign exchange by export.

  Municipal Bonded Areas

  Futian, Shatoujiao and Yantian Port Bonded Areas are three bonded areas in Shenzhen. Bonded areas practice bonded customs supervision and control system and can establish foreign-invested trading companies and conduct bonded warehousing and exhibition business. They do not practice the cancellation of exchange collected for export and paid for import after verification. The self-use equipment of the enterprises in these bonded areas is tax-free.

  The geographic conditions of the bonded areas are superior. Futian Bonded area has special passage for connecting with Hong Kong. Yantian Port Bonded Area is close to Yantian terminal.

  Futian Bonded Area covers 1.35 square kilometers and focuses on developing high-tech industries and logistics industry. Shatoujiao Bonded Area covers 0.27 square kilometers and focuses on the development of export processing of computers, toys, jewelry and gold. Yantian Port Bonded Area covers 0.85 square kilometers and focuses on logistics industry.

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