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Shenzhen Library


  Shenzhen Library is located in Shenzhen administrative and cultural centre and close to the beautiful Lianhua Mt., is a large modern cultural facility sponsored and financed by Shenzhen Municipal Government, and occupies an area of 29,612 square meters with a constructional area of 49,589 square meters. The library provides a book collection capacity of 4,000,000 items, holds 2,500 reading seats and 3,000 net nodes,and can receive 8,000 readers per day.

  As the centre of library materials collection and utilization of Shenzhen and the centre of information resources development, the library holds 2,450,000 volumes of books and periodicals and nearly 1,000,000 electronic and network documents of various kinds. After the opening of the new library, Shenzhen Library has served almost 2,500,000 readers annually. Based on the current economic, social, and cultural situation in Shenzhen, the library has collected special resources concerning high technology, business, fashion, and law. Besides, it is characterized by local documents of Shenzhen and materials published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau.

  Shenzhen Library practices the policy of “Openness, Equality, Free” as its service concept. In order to meet the needs of readers greatly, it keeps improving the quality of reader service by means of relying upon technology advancements and adopting some service modes. It opens 365 days throughout the year and offers efficient and convenient services. As for its mode of service, Shenzhen Library practices the policy of “complete opening, reading without library card, management by layer, and single card passing”. It opens to the general public.

  Shenzhen Library provides the readers' service of opening shelves. There are six service areas in the library; all of them adopt module design that generally accepted in the world, i.e. big space, free of partition and flexible location. The 1st floor is public newspaper and periodical service area, providing Chinese newspaper and periodical reading and borrowing services, and there is a reading room for people with visual impairment. At the 2nd and 3rd floor there is book circulation area offering items in Chinese and foreign languages. At the 4th floor there is the information service area, where there are multimedia video and audio materials, electronic resources reading and retrieving services, Internet services and etc. The 5th floor is special subjects collection service area, where consists of the subjects of business and trade, law, fashion, ASEAN Information Center as well as foreign newspaper and periodicals area. This area provides reading and inquires services for special subjects and research-oriented collection. Located at the 6th floor is the Special Collections Service Area, which provides local documents of Shenzhen, materials published by in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, preservation books, ancient rare books and microfilm reading service.

  Shenzhen Library regards service innovation as its basis, and therefore keeps extending its service contents and innovating in the service features. In addition to the reading and loan services of general materials, it provides the readers with distance services and net services of various kinds, such as My Library (on-line personal digital library system), mobile phone short message service system, digital reference service, original document delivery service, etc. Meanwhile, the library offers extended service and has established an Interlibrary Loan system among the libraries in Shenzhen and the self-service library system of city blocks. This helps to provide Shenzhen citizens with any-time and any-where library services.

  As the basic cultural facilities of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Library is not only a palace of knowledge for citizens’ life-long education, but also a significant symbol of connotation and quality of Shenzhen culture. High level reference and information services are provided for government decision-making, economic development, scientific and technological innovation, and academic research in Shenzhen Library. Shenzhen Library is now trying its best towards the objective of promoting the strategy of "City of Libraries" and becoming a center of the citywide library network.

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