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Shenzhen Museum


  Shenzhen Museum is an unit which works for public good, spreading knowledge for the public, and carrying out patriotic education wholeheartedly. As a comprehensive museum, it has become an important cultural facility of Shenzhen, giving full play to its function of cultural relics collection, propaganda and education and scientific research.

  Up till now, Shenzhen Museum have more than 20,000 pieces of cultural relics, such as the specimens of paleobioligical fossils dated from 100 million years, ancient history and art treasures, showing 50,00 years of civilization of China and important historic materials about the development history of modern and contemporary Shenzhen. These precious cultural relics are the important martial foundation of Shenzhen Museum.

  As an education base for the youngsters, Shenzhen Museum has kept on perfecting its permanent exhibitions since the first beginning. The permanent exhibitions are Ancient of Shenzhen, Modern History of Shenzhen, Reform and Opening-up History of Shenzhen and Folk Culture of Shenzhen, full and accurate materials tell visitors the 6000 years of history of development process in Shenzhen region, and how ancestors worked, struggled, and created many wonders with their wisdom.

  In order to enrich children’s natural scientific knowledge, in the exhibitions of Marine Organisms and Wild Animal Specimens, Children can find out the natural resources around them from different shapes of animal specimens. The beautiful and vivid shapes of specimens can make the children feel like swimming in the sea, and walking in a forest, even forgetting to go home.

  For the sake of living up the cultural activities of Shenzhen citizens, creating a lofty atmosphere of culture, we exhibit the important cultural relics collected by Shenzhen Museum every year, and change the exhibitions in turn each year. In the other hand, Shenzhen Museum also introduce many precious ancient cultural relics and many different schools of art from home and abroad to exhibit here at irregular intervals.

  Therefore, the visitors can appreciate the art treasures and the works of different schools of art in the museum, they will be brought into a hall full of elegant arts, so cultural entertainments has become citizens’ new fashion of their daily life.

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