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China Hi-Tech Fair


  Held in Shenzhen city from 16th to 21st, November every year, China Hi-Tech Fair(CHTF for short) is the largest and most influential scientific exhibition at present in China, which is approved by the State Council of P.R.C and hosted jointly by Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C, Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R.C, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C, National/Development and Reform Commission of the P.R.C, Ministry of Education of the P.R.C, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the P.R.C, Ministry of Agriculture of the P.R.C, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Its organizer is China Hi-Tech Transfer Center (Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd.)

  CHTF makes commercialization of high-tech achievements, product exhibitions, high-level forums, investment invitation and information exchange all in one. Through the organic combination of "government, industry, academia, research, capital and intermediary", it provides a convenient channel for customers at home and abroad in seeking projects, technologies, products, markets, funds and talents. With many years'progress, CHTF has been an important window of opening-up in the field of China's Hi-technologies. It becomes more and more important in increasing Hi-tech achievements'commercialization, industrialization and internationalization as well as strengthening the communication and cooperation of economy, science and technology between countries and regions.

  Since CHTF was first held in 1999, it has received many attentions and great supports from governments of China at various levels, which can be proved by the coming of several great state leaders such as Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo, Li Changchun, Wu Yi and Zeng Peiyan. Meanwhile, it is also enjoying a huge popularity among a large number of domestic and foreign Hi-tech enterprises. The exhibitors are from nearly 50 countries such as U.S.A, British, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy and Russia, 1 international organization like European Union, and over 40 world famous international enterprises such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, British Telcom, Ericsson, Phillip, SAP, Sony and Samsung. All the provinces, autonomous prefectures, municipalities, cities with separate national economic and social development planning, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are the usual participants of the event. China Hi-tech Forum, known originally as the World Science, Technology and Economy Forum has invited about 400 speakers, most of whom are elites of business, politics and academia, Nobel Prize winners, Ministerial-level officials or presidents of international enterprises. Every CHTF attracts more than 500 thousand audiences and achieves USD 13 billion in the trading of products and technologies.

  After years'development, CHTF has become the largest and most influential scientific exhibition and won a reputation of "the No.1 Technology Show in China", because of its "state-level, international, high-level, large scale, productive, professional and all year around.



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