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  South China Headquarters of SAP in Shenzhen

  Industry: Next-generation IT industry

  Country: Germany

  SAP officially established its South China Headquarters in Shenzhen in August 2013. Headquartered in Germany, SAP is the world's largest enterprise software provider, and is active in the international high-end service industry.

  Though SAP only has modest direct investment and was not a priority candidate for inward-investment, the company has emerged as an indispensable element in developing an international business environment. Its South China Region not only includes provinces and cities in South China, but also in Hong Kong and Macau. Around 80% of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises have adopted its solutions as the core system for their operations, and its selection of Shenzhen undoubtedly boosts the city's profile and comprehensive service image.

  Through long-term experience accumulation and field investigations, Invest Shenzhen found that the aggregation of high-end services industry projects coupled with capital, technology, talent and management could rapidly boost the development quality of a city, and nurture the soft environment for urban development. Therefore, introducing high-end service projects has become an effective way to rapidly enhance a city's competitiveness.

  SAP conducted field surveys in many cities to choose the site for its South China Headquarters. Finally Shenzhen won due to its favorable investment environment, efficient government departments, international positioning, and its mature concept of `headquarters economy¨. Ji Bingmeng, COO of Asia Pacific Region & President of China Region of SAP, was very satisfied with Shenzhen, expressing that in just over a year, Invest Shenzhen had helped SAP fully adapt to the city, provided targeted and constructive policy explanations, and visited its headquarters in Germany to introduce Shenzhen to SAP¨s senior management. The commitment of Shenzhen government to create a high-quality and fair investment environment for enterprises deeply impressed SAP.

Upon the establishment of its South China Headquarters, the South China region became SAP¨s strongest-growth area, with an estimated operating revenue of RMB300 million, which will subsequently drive industry development to the tune of RMB1 billion. With the expansion of its investment in Shenzhen, SAP will commit itself to helping local enterprises reduce operating costs, boost operating efficiency, and realize operational excellence. In the future, SAP will cooperate with the city in the area of international communications for the high-tech and modern services industries, intellectual property protection, job creation, the introduction of high-end talent, and Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation.

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