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  Introduction of Beidou Navigation Industry Enterprises

  Industry: Satellite navigation industry

  Country: China

  The Beidou satellite navigation system is an independent global satellite navigation system developed in China. The scale of China's satellite navigation industry reached RMB104 billion in 2013 and, with a 20% compound annual growth rate, is in a boom phase.

  Shenzhen government prioritizes developing future industries and strategic emerging industries. In November 2012, it released the Implementation Plan of Shenzhen for the Application Industrialization of the Beidou Satellite Navigation System (the "Plan"), listing the Beidou satellite navigation industry as an emerging industry for development.

  According to the Plan and linked research, Invest Shenzhen found that the city still lags behind in terms of core Beidou navigation technologies, especially in the R&D of RF basebands and SOC chipsets. It carried out industrial chain business promotions by centering on high value-added links and missing links along the Beidou satellite navigation industry chain.

  By first introducing upstream enterprises, optimizing and improving midstream enterprises, and actively expanding downstream enterprises, Invest Shenzhen prioritized its business and investment promotion work to introduce enterprises with core application technologies and proprietary intellectual property rights for navigation systems.

  Researching the country's Beidou navigation industry and enterprises enabled Invest Shenzhen to identify 11 leading enterprises to promote.

  Hwa Create Corporation (Hwa Create) and Linear Technology Inc (Linear) are two upstream enterprises with core technologies that were incorporated in Shenzhen in 2013. Hwa Create owns four products: satellite navigation, signal processing, simulation testing and antenna technology; Linear mainly engages in the R&D of RF chips for ground applications of the Beidou satellite navigation system. It holds RF chip R&D technology with proprietary IPR, and commands a leading position in the domestic market.

  The R&D and production of RF chips is an integral part of the Beidou navigation industrial chain, and a high-end link with technological content and added value. The establishment of an RF chip research center in Shenzhen will help improve the local industry chain, and enhance the core competitiveness of the city's satellite navigation industry.

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