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Cainiao Network
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Cainiao Network


  Cainiao Network Incorporated in Qianhai, Shenzhen

  Industry: Next-generation IT industry, modern logistics industry

  Country: China

  Cainiao Network Technology was incorporated in Qianhai in May 2013. Affiliated to Alibaba Group, the company was jointly established by Alibaba, China Yintai, Fosun Group, Forchn Group, and S.F. Express. By establishing the China Smart Logistics Network, Cainiao Network mainly engages in investing and investment management, the R&D of IOT technologies, and setting up smart logistics networks. It can support nationwide networks based on a daily average turnover of RMB30 billion and the door-to-door delivery of goods within 24 hours.

  At present, as domestic logistics networks are still weak, the courier service of online retailers can only resolve the problem of last mile delivery. However, the open-ended logistics infrastructure built nationwide under this project will have a far-reaching impact on the domestic logistics industry. The establishment of the company in Shenzhen demonstrates that logistics and IT are cutting-edge industries in the city. The development of IT can upgrade the local logistics industry, and accelerate the integrated development of e-commerce and modern logistics.

  Based on over three decades of high-speed development, aligning investment promotion with Shenzhen's development demand for transformation is a current priority. Invest Shenzhen has adopted practical measures to boost the city's vitality and maintain its leading position by introducing new business forms and innovating business models. By changing the misconception of Shenzhen as `only valuing foreign capital,¨ Invest Shenzhen has rebuilt the concept of introducing promising external capital, both foreign and domestic.

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