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Energy conservation and environmental protection
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Energy Conservation


  Building a Headquarters for Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection, and Technology Innovation: China and Hungary

  Industry: Environmental protection and energy conservation

  Country: China, Hungary

  Dongjiang Environmental Company, Shenzhen Association of Environmental Protection, Aquaprofit (a Hungarian company) and the Environmental Protection Association of Hungary entered into a cooperation agreement during the 2013 15th China High-Tech Fair. The agreement stated that the four parties would establish a headquarters for China-Hungary high-end services for energy conservation and environmental protection.

  Energy conservation and environmental protection is one of the strategic emerging industries of Shenzhen. Featuring a long industrial chain, the sector has an obvious driving effect on economic growth. Compared with other regions in China, Shenzhen's energy conservation and environmental protection industry has developed to a certain scale, with distinctive industry characteristics and strong competitive advantages.

  Through mass research and surveys, Invest Shenzhen believes that industry clustering is a common trend for the development of modern industry, especially the high-tech sector. Exerting the cluster effect is an effective means of accelerating the development of emerging industries.

  The China-Hungary headquarters for energy conservation and environmental protection will introduce advanced environmental protection technologies from Europe, establish a complete industrialized technical support and service system, aggregate the dispersed environmental protection enterprises in Shenzhen, and attract internationally leading players to invest or commercialize their technological achievements in Shenzhen.

  Since its establishment, Invest Shenzhen has marketed the business environment of the city. Shenzhen has transformed from an industrial and manufacturing-based city to a modern metropolis. Invest Shenzhen needs to help change the city's image by establishing cooperation bridges that cover economy, trade, culture, tourism and urban construction underpinned by investment - it needs to promote the international development of the city by attracting business.

  In May 2013, Invest Shenzhen launched a series of investment promotion events for high-tech and strategic emerging industries in Israel, Hungary and Austria, which laid a foundation for securing this project.

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