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Digital China


  Digital China Establishes International Headquarters in Shenzhen

  Industry: Next-generation IT industry

  Country: China

  Digital China Holdings, the largest integrated IT service provider in China, established its international headquarters ("IHQ") in Shenzhen during the 2013 China (Shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit.

  The business scope of IHQ of Digital China includes investment, international operations, finance, smart cities, and industry bases. By leveraging its advantages in informatized infrastructure construction and information security services, Digital China will build a government-led, citizen-centric integrated service system with mobile coverage to help Shenzhen accelerate its initiative to become a demo smart city.

  Digital China's establishment of its IHQ in Shenzhen will combine its advantages in IT with the cluster effect of the city's IT industry and the sector's strong innovation capabilities, accelerate the diverse and international development of the company, and accelerate the innovation-based development of the local IT industry and construction of a smart city.

  Due to the extraordinary driving effect of the headquarters economy on industries, Invest Shenzhen has closely tracked the layouts of large enterprises¨ IHQs, regional headquarters and R&D headquarters, and established a special promotion task force.

  Shenzhen municipal government highly values the leading position of Shenzhen in technological innovation, and introduced IT summits to Shenzhen as an industry barometer. By attending such summits, Digital China gained a deep understanding of the city's development environment, and decided to set up its IHQ in Shenzhen. In recent years, many IT enterprises have settled down in Shenzhen due to the strength of the IT Leadership Summit.

  Invest Shenzhen realizes that large summits can greatly enhance the image of a city by bringing opportunities, marketing the city's investment climate, and introducing the newest technologies and emerging business modes as well as capital, technologies, talent, management and so on to empower soft environment development. Invest Shenzhen is actively involved in large conventions and exhibitions such IT leadership summits and high-tech fairs so as to provide information to enterprises and showcase the premium services of Invest Shenzhen.

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