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Lippo Group


  South China Headquarters of Lippo Group Settle in Shenzhen

  Industry: Financial services industry, life and wellness industry, etc.

  Country: Indonesia

  Lippo Group entered into an investment cooperation framework agreement with the municipal government of Shenzhen in May 2013, pursuant to which the group intends to invest RMB30 billion in Shenzhen to build its South China Headquarters in Qianhai. With Shenzhen as its new starting point for development in Mainland China, Lippo Group will focus on developing cooperation centers for China-ASEAN strategic projects, financial centers in Southeast Asia, aircraft leasing funds, and modern medical centers.

  Lippo Group is the biggest financial holding group in Indonesia, with investments in finance, technology, media, healthcare and education, and a business presence across Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Unites States, Australia and China. It has established long-term and close partnerships with Temasek of Singapore, the major financial groups of Hong Kong, and the major investment banks in Europe and America.

  Shenzhen's solid business environment, its unique advantages in geographical location in terms of Hong Kong, and the release of financial innovation policies in Qianhai drove Lippo to make its decision. The group is optimistic about Qianhai's pilot role in the RMB internationalization process, especially cross-border RMB business, free foreign currency exchanges under capital accounts in the future, and other financial policies.

  At present, expanding the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" is a hot topic in Shenzhen. During 2013, Invest Shenzhen stepped up its marketing efforts in ASEAN and Middle East, visiting Turkey, UAE, India, and Singapore, among others. Invest Shenzhen highly values Lippo Group's strong ability to rally enterprises in Southeast Asia, its exemplary position among enterprises of ethnic Chinese origin, its international resource consolidation capabilities, and the industry clustering effect it has shaped.

  Its South China Headquarters in Shenzhen will attract many leading financial enterprises to set up operations in Qianhai; promote the RMB internationalization process; bring more Southeast Asian enterprises and ethnic Chinese-run enterprises to Qianhai; form a Southeast Asian financial center and information center of national strategic significance; drive the rapid development of a range of sectors including commerce, medicine, communications and education; and form clusters of industry, talent and information.

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