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Vitality is Great


  Shenzhen is a fantastically vital city. The average age of its residents is 30, and this, along with the fact that a large number of highly educated talented professionals are gathered here, gives the city an atmosphere brimming with a love for learning and a reverence for science.

  95% of Shenzhen’s residents come from elsewhere, and the resulting merging of cultures has given the city an open and inclusive character— the idea that “once you’ve come, you’re a Shenzhener” has become a point of common understanding among the city’s residents. Shenzhen has an innovative culture that “encourages innovation, and does not stigmatize failure” and an entrepreneurial spirit of “innovate or die.”

  Shenzhen is one of the most popular cities among college students, and is one of the first-choice cities for those returning from studying abroad to work and start businesses in. A large number of foreigners and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents also live and work in Shenzhen on a permanent basis.

  〇Shenzhen has been given the title of being a “Global Model for the Promotion of Reading” by the UN’s Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

  〇There are 1.10 million registered volunteers and 538 community service centers in Shenzhen, helping it earn the reputation of being a “city of volunteers.”

  〇Over 285,000 pianos are owned in Shenzhen, meaning that there are over 10 pianos owned for every 100 households, giving the city the name of “city of pianos.”



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