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Service is Great


  Shenzhen’s municipal government is one of the most efficient governments nation-wide, and is an advocate not only for the construction of governance based on the rule of law, but also for service-type and clean governance. Shenzhen has made full use of the advantages that being a special economic zone confers in terms of legislative power to build a fair, transparent, and relaxed business environment.

  With marketization, achieving the rule of law, and internationalization as its goals, Shenzhen has energetically promoted multiple reforms, streamlined government and relaxed governance, and greatly improved administrative processes. Shenzhen leads the nation’s move towards streamlining incorporation procedures to help reform the business registration system and inspire an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship—this is one reason why Shenzhen has 1.74 million business entities, ranking the city first among China’s medium/large cities in this regard.

  〇The Economist Weekly: “Of the world’s 4,300 special economic zones, Shenzhen is the most successful”.

  〇Shenzhen ranked first on the China Studies Centre’s (Washington D.C.) ranking of China’s 100 Best City Governments in 2014.

  〇In 2014, Shenzhen had 187 reforms that ranked as “leading” or “firsts” nationwide.


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