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Innovation is Great


  Shenzhen was China’s first National Innovative City pilot area, was included in the first group of National Intellectual Property Rights Pilot Cities, and is the first entire city to be named as a National Self-Innovation Demonstration Zone. Shenzhen has long placed innovation as a leading strategy in its development by using innovation to improve the quality of both economic and industrial development, and is fully committed to building an environment that fosters comprehensive innovation.

  Science and technology have already become the main engines behind Shenzhen’s development. R&D investment from across all levels of society (95% of which came from companies) accounted for approximately 4.02% of GDP in 2014, equivalent to the level of South Korea, the world’s second highest ranking country in terms of R&D investment-to-GDP ratio. 11,600 PCT international patent applications were filed in 2014, up 15.9% year on year, and Shenzhen has accounted for approximately half of the nation’s PCT applications for 11 consecutive years.

  Shenzhen is “China’s Silicon Valley”—the city is a paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship, and is greatly committed to building itself into an international makers center with a reputation that attracts makers from around the world.

  〇Forbes’ China edition has released a ranking of mainland Chinese cities’ innovative capabilities for the last five years, and in 2014 Shenzhen reclaimed the number one spot after taking it in 2011.

  〇Of the ten Chinese nationals on Forbes’ “2014 China-US Innovators” list, five were from Shenzhen.

  〇Shenzhen has won 36 of the nation’s major science and technology awards (including the State Technological Invention award’s first prize) over the past three years.


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